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Services for Enterprises

Enterprise: a group of people with a common endeavor – scalable, from the peer group to the project, the organization, and all the way up to (global) society.

I) Consulting and Implementation

Basic Activities


Substantiate – Integrate – Develop

  • of strategies, (business) cases, services and processes as well as transformation processes and site developments in the field of tension of flexibility and long-term perspective.
  • of perspectives and stakeholders in the context of disruption, innovation, architecture as well as enterprise, society and the environment.
  • unbreaked communication, action and utility-/usage-architecture – experience/Cx/Ux wide ranged.

In-house Workshop


Illuminating a focal point in multiple perspectives: develop new perspectives and courses of action in compact 2-4 weeks in exchange with an external view.

«Xlateral Sprint»


2-3 months that make a difference: continuously clarify, develop, implement and firmly anchor continuity by going through the three phases "lead-in", "workshop on-site" and "follow-up and transfer".

On-Site Engagement


Going hands-on on-site into substance: there are situations in which it is helpful or even necessary to dive into the everyday routines of a complex setting for a certain amount of time. Together, the success-preventing mechanisms can be tracked down, jointly processed and ideally resolved.

II) Support

Sparring partner and/or mentor


To tackle routines, the take-for-granted and blind spots: consider together the own and the common and developing it into a justified and easier situation.

Executive Coach


dare (new) thinking-feeling-acting: a protected trial ground for decision-making and management people.

Industry experience

  • IT/digitization, robotics, mechanical engineering, process engineering, environment and technology
  • Logistics, public transport, infrastructure, real estate and insurance
  • Communication, the media, higher education, science, further education, culture and politics

Services and multiperspectivity are industry-independent!

Realized projects: from start-ups, to SMEs, to large companies